Ok, I don't even know where to start with these two and this portrait shoot. I LOVE how this session turned out! Which shocked me as this talented couple are also photographers - do you know how nerve-wracking it is to photograph photographers?!

We'd originally chosen to shoot somewhere along the coast (Muir Beach-ish area), so I was excited to find an epic cliff location. However, plans changed and we ended up deciding to shoot in east bay as it was closer for all of us. I was initially disappointed that there wouldn't be an 'epic' background, as I didn't know anywhere that could match the coastal beauty and sunrise foggy-ness of Highway 1. BUT it also challenged me to focus more on Abbi & Callen rather than them AND a background. I'd scouted out the area a few days prior to the shoot, and it had this wonderful golden sunrise glow to it once the sun started reflecting on the hills, so I was super excited!

We met at around 6.20am, a half hour before sunrise. It was cold. And foggy. And cloudy. It really felt like the first Winter-y day in California. My heart sank a little, thinking of that beautiful glow that probably wouldn't occur, but then when the light started appearing, I looked over to the water and it was just so still. And mesmerizing. There were deer grazing alongside in the grassy areas and an alluring silence that only exists at sunrise.

The silence didn't last too long (did you know I talk way too much when I'm nervous?!) and we spent a few minutes chatting and getting to know each other before we started to shoot. Not that long ago, Abbi & Callen decided to pack up their belongings and head for a life on the road - Photographing wherever they went and living life to the fullest. We met on a creative entrepreneur group on Facebook and I was attracted to Abbi's honesty in writing about their adventures, and by her stunning imagery. I was lucky enough to catch them in California before they headed east!

I really am so thankful to get to photograph such amazing people, and I wish you two all the best on your adventure!

To see some of Abbi & Callen's work (and read about all the sweet places they're going to), visit http://www.abbihearne.com