I don’t usually post personal posts here, but I wanted to share with you just how beautiful my home country is. My husband and I finally got to go on our belated honeymoon a few weeks ago. We wanted to go somewhere in Scotland because we were having our belated wedding reception there anyway, but we also wanted to go somewhere that neither of us had been before. After a quick google search showing up the most beautiful beaches, we decided the Hebrides and Isle of Skye were the places to be!

Ok, so the weather wasn’t exactly as we’d planned, but we still had a wonderful time. We stayed in a beautiful remote Victorian House on Lewis for the first couple of nights (they do amazing, mouth-watering smoked salmon, check them out: http://www.uiglodge.co.uk/) It poured most of the time we were there, but the photographer in me secretly loved it (moody clouds, misty landscapes = perfection!). The husband was sadly not so amused… I couldn’t help but wish I had some models to shoot with - Lewis & Harris have such atmospheric landscapes: small pools hidden between mossy rocks, craggy hills covered in deer, white sandy beaches next to turquoise water and terrifying cliff edges. It would be the perfect place for moody, romantic or dreamy portraits - It really is a photographer’s dream (plus, there’s none of those pesky California permits required….)

After Lewis & Harris we headed over the water to Skye. Sadly, we only managed one night on Skye as our hotel wasn’t great and we decided to cut our stay short and stay in a fancy hotel in Glasgow instead (hey, it was our honeymoon!). We visited the Fairy Pools and walked around that area - it’s SO beautiful. I was a little concerned that it would be over-rated, and when we showed up the car park was completely packed. But once we started the easy hike towards the pools, the beauty of our surroundings and the fun stepping stones across the rivers took our minds off the volume of people. It’s easy to see why people see this place as magical - the crystal clear water and surrounding mountains make you feel like you are in a fairy tale.

Being away from home definitely makes me appreciate it more. I never really paid much attention to my surroundings before I moved, but now every time I go back I am astonished by the things I missed, and the longing to shoot there. I’d love to do a portrait tour around Scotland in the future, like a work funded trip. But that sounds like far too much planning for now, so I will leave that up to future Caroline!

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