I had SO MUCH FUN photographing these two wonderful ladies! I don't usually photograph clients without meeting them first, but we had chatted on Instagram and I decided to just go for it. It was a little nerve-wracking, as I had no idea if we would 'click', but after chatting to them for 5 minutes at the beginning of the session I realized that they were going to be amazing to work with.

You may not know this, but my favorite time to photograph portraits is either just after sunrise or just before sunset - you get that magical soft golden light that doesn't happen during the day. It's both flattering and smooth and doesn't create harsh shadows like bright sunlight does. Rupa and Deepika met me late in the afternoon, and we walked through the woods to this amazing spot that reminded me of the live action version of the Jungle Book (if you haven't seen it, it's wonderful!). Huge overhanging branches, rich green leaves, the last rays of sunlight streaming through the trees. It really was the perfect romantic location. What was even better, was that a 10 minute drive away there was a view point that, in their own words, made it feel like "a Bollywood movie shoot where the girls are freezing on the mountain!" Yes, it was FREEZING at sunset - something that I didn't think was possible given that it was in the 90s in Walnut Creek that day!

So I just want to say a massive thank you to Rupa and Deepika - I couldn't have asked for a more loving, genuine and fun couple to photograph. I hope you had as much fun as I did!