This engagement photography portrait session is split in to two parts - one part is in the beautiful Stern Grove in San Francisco, the other is smack bang in the center of the Mission District. The locations could not be more different from each other!

I was so thrilled when Alicia reached out to me on Instagram asking if I'd photograph their engagement portraits. Umm YES! They both love to cycle, and Alicia had just recently bought the most beautiful light turquoise colored bike - it was like something from all the stylish magazines - and they wanted to incorporate their bikes in to the shoot. We decided to split the session in half and get some lovely romantic portraits in the forest as well, as the Mission District can be pretty busy and I love taking my couples out of the way for some alone time!

Things we learned from this engagement shoot:

  • All those amazing balancing acts on bikes you see on Pinterest? Turns out, they're not so easy!
  • There are giant yellow slugs in Stern Grove. Giant squishy yellow slugs....
  • If you do an engagement session at sunrise on Saturday morning in the Mission District, you will get catcalls from people still drunk from the night before...!

One of my favorite things about my job is that I get to become friends with AWESOME people. I'm so happy to call Alicia & Jeremy friends and I'm wishing you guys all the best for your wedding in May!