I'm always amazed at the power of photography; how looking at one image can send you back to a specific moment in time. You can just close your eyes, picture the exact location: the breeze running through your hair; the warm sunshine on your face; the smell of freshly cut grass or the seaside or the mountain air; how the person you were with made you feel - maybe you got that warm fuzzy feeling, maybe you cuddled in closer even though it wasn't cold, maybe that was the day it all started.

I am in love with Photography. I am in love with stories. My aim is not just to create images that show the love between people, or the beauty of the subject, but to create memories that will last forever. A shoot with me is not just hanging out and posing. We'll go on walks. We'll climb trees. We'll bake cookies and make forts. A shoot with me is an adventure. There's no need to feel self conscious - I'll never ask you to do duck face (promise) and I hate cheesy poses. I like to shoot as naturally as possible - there will be no flash, no harsh lights, and I might ask you to get a little goofy to break the ice, but in the end, you'll have memories and photographs that show the real you; that show love and passion and contentment; that are authentic.

I photograph Seniors, Couples, Families & small Elopements, and I'm Available to travel. Portrait sessions begin at $350 - Please have a look around, and contact me for more details.

I can't wait to meet you and start working on something beautiful!